Google added chapters feature to YouTube to make things easier for content creators as well as viewers. However, currently creators are supposed to manually add the chapters on a particular timestamp to each video at the time of uploading it. Google is now set to make that easier with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms which will automatically add chapters to a video.
Google has confirmed that they have started testing the new AI machine learning algorithm for YouTube which will use machine learning to identify texts in video to auto generate video chapters.
The feature is currently being tested on a small number of videos randomly. Google is also giving cerators the option to opt out of the experiment in case their videos are getting affected with the auto chapter feature.
Right now, there’s no information how efficiently Google’s AI and machine learning algorithms will be with auto chapters, but for sure it will make it easier for creators to add chapters to their lengthy videos as well as let viewers navigate to a particular chapter they are interested in watching.
For those unaware, Google is also testing new reminder in comments to help encourage respectful interactions. The feature will show a notification popup when anyone posts a potentially offensive comment and gives users to revise their comment before it gets posted.