Hello Blogger, How are you all ? Recently we posted on How to create a blog and Now, you maybe thinking what to do once you create your blog, you maybe thinking how you can get started with your blog. So here in this post, we will be discussing on Getting started with Blogger Blog. Ok, so first thing to do after creating your blog is to design and customize your blog theme and layout and then you can start posting and blogging. So here, we will see what are the menus for blogger and what are they useful for.

Getting started with Blogger Blog

Once you log in to your blogger account, you will see the below given menu.

Getting started with blogger blog


Now, letme just quickly tell you what these are for and you can quickly be ready by Getting started with Blogger Blog.


First one you will see is POST. All the articles that you write are stored in this section.

You can create new post by clicking on NEW POST button right besides your blog name.

You will see the below given screeen.

Getting started with blogger blog


Now, in the post title section goes the title of your post.

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In the big white space, here you will have to write the article which you wanna post.

The bar right below the POST TITLE and content section is for adding the extra stuffs in article. You can see HTML if you want to writ your post in HTML format. You can select the font size or you can make your font Bold, italic etc. Moreover you can add image, link, video, page break etc. You can format your text as a list.

In the sidebar, you will see LABELS, this is to categorize your post into different parts, you can add labels as per your category.

SCHEDULE option is if you want your post to be published after some time or at particular time or date. You can set it.

PERMALINKS is how the your post link will appear in world wide web.

After writing your post, you can hit PUBLISH button to publish your post, SAVE button to save your post as draft or PREVIEW button to view your post.

Pages are similar to post but unlike posts, they are static page.


This are the statastics of your blog. It shows you how many visitors has been visited in your web blog, from which country they belong to and which browser they use. Stats option helps you to view traffic on your blog. All information from which country you are getting more traffic. It also shows which post is more popular and having more views than other articles. It also shows refferal site from which you get traffic om your blog.


These are the comments which users have left. You can delete it or view this comments.

Earnings and Campaigns

These are for adsense and adwords, we will discuss about them later on.


This is the basic layout of your blog. you can add you widget or advertise if you want in the sidebar. There is a LABEL widget in your sidebar, right above the search bar. You can drag and drop Search Bar option from layout option, to show on your top right corner of your blog.


This is the basic template of your blog. You can change it by clicking EDIT HTML button.


In the settings section, you can change the admin and user settings for your blog.

In the end of this article, I wanna say one thing, if you will do practice in your blogging. You will be a succesfull blogger.

This post will help you definitely. Start blogging & earn money. Share this Post and keep support us.