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Game Booster- Top 10 Graphic Cards to Boost your PC Game Experience

A great “graphics card” or “video card” creates a huge impact on a user’s gaming experience. Graphics had become a crucial part many industries including movies, video games, photography, animation etc. Let’s discuss about game booster graphics card to boost PC game experience.

The appearance and visuals of a video game matters and it matters a lot. Without a great graphics card, you can’t have a great gaming experience. Your gaming PC might have fastest CPU with lightening processors, blazing fast memory and storage but graphics card will decide the display quality of your games and it is something you can’t ignore.

Graphics card is no doubt a crucial component of a gaming PC and you can say it the “second processor of your PC”. Why a graphics card is important, you ask?

A graphics card is the only component of your PC which is responsible for processing all graphics and visual related tasks. Bring a compatible graphics card for your gaming PC this year. It not only enhances the visual quality of gaming, graphics cards play an important role in improving the overall performance of your gaming device. All of the graphic cards mentioned below can be easily imported where ever in the world by using a parcel forwarding account.

1.Zotac GeForce

Enjoy breathtaking visual effects with this Zotac GeForce graphics card and boost your gaming experience. Its GPU is made with world’s most advanced NVIDIA pascal technology.

This graphics card is loaded with superior gaming horsepower, 11 Gbps memory with a huge 11GB frame buffer. The components will bring life to the gaming characters.

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Product Specification

Product – Graphics card, Processor Speed – 1,683 GHz, Frequency – 400 MHz, Card Interface – PCI-E, Coprocessor – NVIDIA, RAM size – 11 MB, RAM type – GDDRS, Hard Disk – 11 GB, Cooling Method – Fan Sink, Color – Black, Brand – Zotac, Item Dimension – 30cm x 14.8cm x 4.3cm, Item Weight – 1.81Kg, Additional Feature – Direct 3D and Open GL compatible.

2.Asus GTX

Its auto extreme technology ensures brilliant graphical performance and improvement in longevity. The components are made of premium Alloy which enhances the graphics card’s overall reliability. The Alloy components also enhance the efficiency, lowers power loss maintain cooler thermal levels.

Its dual HDMI ports allow users to connect a VR device effortlessly. The Asus GTX provides real to life visuals by eliminating screen tearing and minimizing display stutter.

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Product Specifications

Product – Graphics card, Type – NVIDIA GeForce-GTX-1070, Video Output – 2 HDMI, 2Display Port and 1 DVI, Memory – DDR5 8GB, Memory Interface – 256 bit, Card Interface – PCI-E, VR ready – Yes, Processor – CODA core, Speed- 1506 MHz, Cooling Method – Fan Sink, Color – Black, Brand – Asus, Item Dimension – 134mm x 40mm x 298mm, Item Weight – 1.71Kg.

3.EVGA GeForce

The next generation NVIDIA Pascal architecture provides great power efficiency and excellent performance. EVGA graphics card is best for playing both modern and classic games.

Feed your gaming heart with super smooth, fast and power efficient gaming. EVGA GeForce is one of the top graphics cards if you aren’t looking for high-end graphics cards.

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Product Specification

Product – Graphics Card, Memory Size – 2GB, Memory bit – 128 bit, Memory Type – GDDR5, VR ready – No, Chipset – GeForce GTX-1050, Cores – 640, Cooling Solution – 1 ACX 2.0 Fan, Maximum Digital Resolution – 7680 x 4320, Connectivity – 1 DisplayPort + 1 HDMI + 1 DVI-D DL.

4.Inno3D GeForce

Inno3D GeForce is one of the best ever GPU’s created with the most advanced technology. This brilliant graphics card delivers approximately 3x performance if compared with its predecessors.

This VR ready graphics card offers next-generation gaming experience, brilliant VR performance, and display, delivers smoothest, fastest and great power efficiency.

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Product Specification

Product – Graphics Card, Memory Clock – 10Gpbs, Memory Configuration – 8GB, Memory Interface – GDDR5, Memory bit – 256-bit, Frequency – 1733MHz, VR Ready – Yes, Multi-Monitor Display – Yes, Connecting Feature – DVD-I, HDMI and 3 Display Port, 3D Mark – Yes, VR Mark – Yes, Product Dimension – 266mm x 111mm.

5.NVIDIA Quadro

Nvidia Quadro is one of the most powerful graphics workstations makes it easy for the gamers to unleash their creativity. The 8 GB blazing fast memory offers an easy rendering of large and complex visuals data.

NVIDIA is world known for its great product designs, spectacular visualization, simulation, next generation innovative technology and professional workstation. If it’s NVIDIA it will be great, no doubt.

Product Specification

Product – Graphics Card, Cores – 2048, GPU Memory – 8 GB, Memory Bandwidth – 211 Gbps, Memory Interface – 256 bit, Memory Type – DDR5, Chipset – NVIDIA, System Interface – PCI Express, Connection – DP 1.2 + DVI-DL.

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6.Palit GTX

Palit GTX is an ultimate gaming machine which offers intense graphical gaming. This graphics card is built to deliver incredible power and speed. Palit GTX will make your gaming PC a monster for intense gaming.

Two powerful cooling fans are enough to make your gaming fuss-free. The smart operating feature of fans only comes into action whenever the temperature of GPU surpasses 500 C.

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Product Specification

Product – Graphics Card, DRAM Type – GDDR5, Memory Amount – 8 GB, Memory Interface – 256bit, Memory Bandwidth – 256Gbps, Connectivity – 2 Link DVI, HDMI, 3 DP1, Maximum Digital Resolution – 7680 x 4320, VR Ready – Yes, Product Dimension – 252mm x 112mm x 38.7mm.

7.Gigabyte GTX

Gigabyte GTX graphics card is equipped with innovative gaming technologies which makes it one of the top gaming machines for intense gaming in high-definition quality.

The GeForce GTX is built for delivering brilliant performance no matter whichever your aspects are. This graphics card is built to provide visually rich graphics and content.

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Product Specification

Product – Graphics Card, CUDA Cores – 1280, Core Clock – 1582 MHz, Memory Type – GDDR5 192 bit, Memory Size – 6 GB, Memory Speed – 8008 MHz, Maximum Digital Resolution – 7680 x 4320, VR Ready – Yes, Maximum GPU Temperature –  900 C, Product Dimension – 223mm x 121mm x 39mm.


These days’ gamers look only for high definition and graphics-rich games. The game developers are also putting great effort in making high-end graphical games.

But you can’t access high-end graphical games with gaming components built earlier. You have to update your gaming devices and graphics cards too. The Asus Rog is created to provide excellence and the gaming experience you had never before.

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Product Specification

Product – Graphics Card, Stream Processors – CUDA cores, Cores – 1280, Processor Speed – 1708/1506MHz, Maximum Resolution – 7680 x 4320, Memory – GDDR5 6GB, Memory Interface – 192 bit, Video Output – 2 HDMI, 2 Display Port, 1 DVI, Product Dimension – , Product Weight – 405mm x 235mm x 90mm, Product Weight – 1.8 Kg.

9.MSI GeForce

Looking for great lightweight graphics card? Here it is.

The MSI GeForce is made for intense high-end graphic games and is created with next-generation gaming technology. This graphics card is developed to provide every single pixel of graphics to the display monitor without compromising with the quality.

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Product Specification

Product – Graphics Card, Processor Speed – 1.2GHz, RAM – 6GB, Memory Type – GDDR5, Graphics Coprocessor – NVIDIA, Chipset – nVidia, OS – Ja, Interface Type – PCI express, Card Description – GeForce GTX-1060, Brand – MSI, Color – Black, Cooling Method – Active Fans, Additional Features – Open GL and Direct 3D compatibility, Product Dimension – 15cm x 27cm x 4cm,  Product Weight – 998 gram.

10.PNY Nvidia-GeForce

PNY NVIDIA graphics card is built for delivering extraordinary performance and remain power efficient at the same time. Its ultra-fast and high bandwidth technology offers smoothest, fastest and power efficient gaming experience.

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Product Specification

Product – Graphics Card, Processor Speed – 1506 GHz, Graphic Coprocessor – NVIDIA, Chipset – nVidia, RAM Type – GDDR5, Card Interface – PCI-E, Interface Type – pci express, Memory Width – 192 bits, Cooling Method – Active Fans, Product Color – Black, Product Dimension – 12cm x 28cm 4cm.

Final Note:

You need stealth gaming components to enjoy next level gaming. Graphics cards are essential components of a gaming ecosystem and your gaming will not survive without these graphics cards.

I have compiled a list of few graphics cards but there are more out there. If you have any suggestions regarding this list please mention them in your comments. Will love to hear from you.