Free vs paid hosting

Free vs paid hosting: Which hosting bloggers have to choose?

First, we will be talking about free blog hosting. Let’s see the advantages of free blog hosting

Advantages of Free vs Paid Hosting

Advantages of Free Hosting.

  • One of the best advantages of free hosting is its cost-effectiveness.
  • It is ideal for people who are new to blogging and want to try their luck and skills out.
  • There is no prior investment which basically means that you have nothing to lose.
  • You get a free space on the original server and a free domain on which you can post your articles and ideas.
  • This gives you a big audience where others can see your work and get appreciated.
  • You can usually get free blog hosting on small websites.

Now we will see the disadvantages of free blog hosting

Disadvantages of Free Blog Hosting.

  • Here you don’t get access to a whole domain.
  • You are only offered here a sub-domain under the main domain. You can usually see the name of the domain with the user’s name.
  • One of the biggest disadvantages of free blog hosting is a lack of customer support.
  • In many cases, you won’t have access to any technical support or customer support. You will have to rely on other sources to get your problem solved.
  • But if you enough knowledge about its working, then you should go for free blog hosting.
  • Here you may see that you are getting too many advertisements on your page.
  • This is something you must go through a free blog hosting comes with some terms and conditions.
  • Here you don’t completely own the domain which means the original owner can make changes to your domain or post advertisements on your page.
  • One of the most common disadvantages is that you have access to very limited bandwidth.
  • The data transfer rate is found to be very low which makes it less ideal for commercial usage.
  • When a certain limit of visitors is crossed, the domain temporarily halts the servers and indirectly forces you to go for a paid version of the same hosting service.

In short, we can say that free blog hosting is ideal for people who don’t want to commercialize their domain and only want to pursue blogging as a hobby. If you want to run a domain for commercial purposes, you must go for a paid blog hosting which provides you with tools for running an online business such as technical support and unlimited bandwidth. We will discuss more about Free vs paid hosting.

Some of the most popular free blog hosting services are given below. You can check them out for an idea and see which one suits you.

Free vs paid hosting
Blogger is one of the most popular sites where you can get free blog hosting. It provides you with many features without any downside. This site is ideal for people who want to pursue blogging as a hobby and not for commercial purposes.

Some of the features of Blogger are given below.


Blogger provides you with the freedom and tools to customize your page as you like. This not only makes your page very clean but also makes it more appealing to visitors. This is a major skill in blogging.

Easy publishing.

It is very easy here in Blogger to create your very own blog. The tools are very simple and are ideal for a beginner. In a few steps, you can create and publish your very own blog.

Free Website.

Here you get your very own free sub-domain with your own name on it. Here you can pursue your hobby of blogging and post as many articles as you want.


Free vs paid hosting
Weebly is a very well-known website builder which is perfect for people who don’t have any prior knowledge of websites and want to start blogging. It provides a platform for blogging enthusiasts who want to start a career or just do blogging to pursue their hobby. This site does not cost anything for basic use and you can choose to get a paid version later if you feel the need. Some of the features are given below:

Drag and Drop

Here you can simply drag and drop content from other sites and source which makes t quick and simple to create a website.

Responsive Templates

The sites offer a large range of templates to choose from. These templates improve the overall presentation of your website and help categorize data easily.

Easy Publishing.

Here it is very easy to create content and publish it. Here you have many choices on who can see the article or blog.


Paid Blog Hosting
First, we will take a look at the advantages of paid blog hosting.
Free vs paid hostingAdvantages of Paid Blog Hosting

  • Unlike free blog hosting, where you get to own your very own domain.
  • The domain’s name can be set by you and you have complete control and access to the website.
  • This also results in higher ranking of your website in search engines
  • Here you get more options to customize your website.
  • This helps in making your website more appealing and helps attract more visitors. This is essential if you are running the site for commercial purposes.
  • With paid versions, you get the freedom to use SEO which is Search Engine Optimizations.
  • Here you get the options to use plugins. These plugins provide you with tips and tools to make your site more appealing and help in getting higher ranking in search engines.
  • This helps generate more traffic and the overall standard of your site is improved.
  • One of the reasons to choose paid hosting is that for a very less cost, you get many features and outweighs the cost in the end.
  • The hosting is quite cheap and suitable for new bloggers who are blogging for commercial purposes.
  • Here one of the best things is that you don’t face the nuisance of advertisements on your website.
  • And you get the freedom to put out your own advertisements which means you have complete control over the website and its contents. This is a big advantage of using paid blog hosting services.

Now we will see the disadvantages of paid blog hosting.

Disadvantages of Paid Blog Hosting.

  • Not ideal for folks who are not using blogging for commercial purposes.
  • To keep the domain, we have to pay monthly or annual membership fees or domain ownership fees.

From the above points, it is clear that the merits of paid blog hosting outweighs the demerits of paid hosting. Paid blog hosting allows individuals to post articles with their own customized fonts and designs. This helps in the creation of unique websites with appealing graphics. Below are some examples of well-known paid hosting sites. Also check Best PBN Hosting

Free vs paid hosting
WordPress is perhaps one of the most used and well-known blogging sites. It provides a large variety of tools for bloggers to make their blog exciting and appealing. The best things about it is that very easy to use and simple. This means any beginner won’t have any problem adapting to it. Below are some features of WordPress. Also check Best Hosting for WordPress


In the beginning, WordPress was originally designed to run blogging sites, but because of its popularity, it has been redesigned and now hosts websites of many multinational corporations. This displays the flexible nature of WordPress and how it is helping individuals and companies provide excellent service to visitors.


WordPress has been designed in such a way that anyone who is new to websites or blogging can effortlessly and quickly learn the working of WordPress. The tools provide a medium for bloggers to express themselves neatly and also make the sites appealing.


Here themes provide users with pre-designed formats in which the users can make their own modifications and create a unique design. This helps in saving time and effort. It also helps in leaning by creating new ideas.

Free vs paid hosting
WIX is a very popular blogging site used by many individuals and companies. It provides plenty of tools for bloggers to use and customize websites. It is extremely easy to use and doesn’t take up much time to learn. Some of the features are given below.

Intuitive builder

This paid blog hosting service is designed with software which is intuitive and constantly provides you with suggestions and ideas to make your website appealing.

Excellent support

Here there is an excellent support team available to help you with any issues that you may face. The support is essential if you don’t have much technical knowledge

No Connectivity issues

Here you won’t face any issue using third-party services and provides you with a smooth experience that enables to be productive and create amazing content.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of Free vs paid hosting. Now you have to choose your own.

Please comment down below if you have any suggestion for Free vs Paid Hosting or you have any other good option and which hosting you are using?