Forza Street, a popular desktop racing game by publisher Microsoft, has finally reached Android and iOS devices. The mobile app can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, Samsung Galaxy Store and Apple App Store and is available for free. The developer of Forza Street, Turn 10 Studios, also announced a “special gift” for early adopters on Tuesday. Forza Street has been available for free on the Microsoft Store for Windows PC since April last year and the game is based on the popular Forza franchise.

Forza Street Android, iOS release

Turn on 10 studio Owned by Microsoft, and via the Xbox website Announced That Forza street Players can use them Xbox Live IDs to sign in to. With Xbox Live ID, players will be able to unlock Xbox achievements and transfer game progress throughout The windows, Ios, And Android equipment.

With all, Samsung Users who are planning to download through the Forza Street mobile application Samsung Galaxy Store Starting May 5, the 2015 Ford Mustang GT with a custom Galaxy themed paint will be received. The developers stated, “If players have the latest Galaxy S20 devices, they will also get the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with custom Galaxy and credits and gold in the game.”

Turn 10 Studios on the Xbox website also stated that players who plan to download Forza Street on iOS and Android devices between May 5 and June 5 will receive the 2017 Ford GT and additional in-game credits and gold. Additional credits can be used to unlock new cars within the game.

Similar to desktop versionThe mobile version of Forza Street allows players to participate in a one-minute race through which they can unlock new cars or upgrade existing ones. There are also “rival events” that allow players to compete against online players that advance them to the community leaderboard.

Forza Street Android, iOS: how to download, in-app purchases

IOS users can download Forza Street as mentioned. Apple App Store. Can be downloaded through racing games Google play store And Samsung Galaxy Store. On the App Store, the installation size is described as 1.9GB, on the Google Play Store, the download size is stated to be 48MB, while on the Samsung Galaxy Store, the installation size is 1.69GB. We can expect the installation size on Android to be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Store. In the game Rs. From app purchases. 99 to Rs. 2,490, the App Store shows. Google Play states that the price of the item is between Rs. 170 and Rs. 8,500.

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