Fortnite’s next live event and season 3 has been postponed once again, this time due to protests in the US. Epic Games announced through its blog post that teams “need to focus on themselves, their families and their communities”. It added that the live event would be pushed back to ‘The Device’ and Season 3 on 15 June and 17 June respectively. This comes after two previous delays, one in April and another last week. Additionally, several other companies have also decided to bring back their respective updates and upcoming content.

Epic game Lay out a blog post Explaining why the live event and the new season have been pushed back. Recognizing the unrest caused by the recent death of George Floyd in the US and the subsequent protests, the company said, “The team is eager to move Fortnite Further, but we need to balance the season 3 launch for the team with time to focus on ourselves, our family and our communities. “The post stated that the live event called ‘The Device’ will be pushed back until Monday 15 June, while Season 3 or Chapter 2 Season 3 will be pushed back on Wednesday 17 June.

Chapter 2 season 3 of Fortnite was originally planned to be released on May 1, but it got Pushed back On 4 June. At the time, Epic did not explain why he postponed the release date for the new season. Then, according to a Report good By The Verge, the live event and Chapter 2 Season 3 were pushed back to June 6 and June 11, respectively. Even then, Epic Games did not give a reason for the delay, but it was believed that disruptions caused by coronovirus were the reason behind it.

Now, the live event and the new season have been delayed once again but this time we have a reason for it. As previously mentioned, the live event will begin on 15 June while Chapter 2 Season 3 will begin on 17 June.

Not only Epic Games, other gaming companies have also postponed their events due to protests. Sony had planned a PS5 event for June 4, but decided Push it back. Electronic Arts also postponed its Madden NFL 21 presentation. With all, Call of duty: mobile Season 7 which was set to launch this week, as well as Modern Warfare Season 4, has been pushed back to “later dates” due to unrest in the US. This development was shared by Call of Duty Twitter Accounting. Infinity Ward, the developers behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, too Shared a post Taking a step towards eliminating racist content in the game on Twitter.

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