Fortnite is known for its in-game crossover events with pop culture franchises such as Star-Wars and Stranger Things. But Epic Games’ hot property often taps celebrities for some special new content. Remember the Marshmallow skin that recently hit the game? The studio has now collaborated with another personality who is arguably the most popular Fortnite player on the planet – Tyler Bolins aka Ninja. Blevins now modeled a Fortnite skin after herself, and this is her looks, especially the signature electric blue hair nails.

Ninja Skin is now available in the Fortnite item shop. The entire set includes the Ninja Outfit, Ninja’s Edge Back Bling, Ninja Style Emote and Dual Katana Pickaxe. Along with Ninja Skin, Blevins joins an elite club of personalities collaborating with Epic Games for exclusive in-game content as part of the Icon Series initiative. The Ninja Skin mimics the look of the Blevins and pairs it with sleek blue hairdo, stylish face masks and jackets with a matching blue color scheme, paired makeovers, and black tights with sports shoes.

Blevins expressed his gratitude for getting a dedicated skin in Fortnite via his Twitter account, and also gave users a code to get it in the item shop. Blevins recently made waves after bidding farewell to Microsoft’s mixer to make it their next home for streaming, and later the famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) player Michael “Shroud” Graciac and Corey “King Gothelian” joined by Michael.

However, Tyler “Ninja” Ballens is not the only famous Fortnite player to get his own game skin. Epic game it is said The Icon series program will soon collaborate with Twitch streamer Kathleen “Laserfruit” Blesten and YouTuber David “Thegregg” Martinez, a special sports content entertainer among other celebs in the sports, music world.