Fortnite, one of the most popular games in the world, is set for Chapter 2 Season 2 thanks to its Battle Royal game mode – which will begin on February 20. There have been large campaigns for past promotions, this is on a very large scale. Over the weekend, people are putting up posters in different cities of the world, with the Fortnite logo and the number on the poster stamped. Some of the places where this secret poster was found include San Francisco, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Melbourne and Italy.

When sports fans in the US noticed the posters and called the numbers, they heard a pre-recorded message stating, “The agency recruitment drive is a go.” Happy hunting agent. Oil rig operations confirmed. At the end of the message, fans also reported a cat mowing sounds and other strange noises. He also observed that not all messages were the same, but he referred to all agents, explosives experts and safes. There was also some unusual activity in the Fortnite’s Discord server, with some accounts appearing as the addition of a new bot named “active” and “agency”.

FNLeaksAndInfo // A Twitter account named Max Shared A list of places, numbers and messages that people found in different parts of the world.

Official Twitter handle of the game on Monday deployment of A photo with the same theme as the poster, with a cryptic message. It read, some new characters in the “Transmission Intercepted” photo and the date of the beginning of February 2, 2020. Fortnite Players have reported seeing golden objects in the game map which may point towards a new type of material coming into the game. Now, the official Twitter handle is near Appear What was the redacted text through a series of tweets – “FN.CH02.S02 Origin == Au 022020”. We can guess that the first part of the lesson stands for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 and the last part is the date. The “origin == AU” part is still very cryptic, but we can assume that “AU” stands for gold here (the scientific symbol AU of gold).

These are the only teasers players have received for the upcoming season of Fortnite and much is left to speculate. There have been mixed reactions on social media for this, with some players excited for Season 2 and others disappointed.