Although the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused even greater difficulties for some companies, in the technological economy. Globally, you have companies like Zoom that have gone from relatively unknown to household names. Here in India, companies in education tech, online entertainment and gaming have seen tremendous growth. Even as Ola, Uber Zomato, and Swiggy announced large-scale layoffs to adopt a linear business strategy, companies such as Whitehat Jr., Gamerji, and Mirrors are actively hiring and increasing their business significantly happened.

Today, we are defining the new normal and finding ways to work social distance in all different aspects of our lives, and the companies that have benefited the most can digitalize and virtualize our lives Are, so that we can do things like make purchases without unnecessarily coming into contact with people.

the new normal’

The biggest pain point for small and medium businesses during lockdown is the challenges of this sudden change of working online. Himanshu Gade, CEO and Co-Founder at, told Gadgets 360, “Companies that address the needs of the new-normal, ie the impact of COVID-19 in the long run to rapidly build talent needed. When the lockdown becomes easy. Fintech companies are rapidly increasing the size of their teams and are one of the least affected sectors – data indicating a 40 percent increase in the number of interviews in financial services organizations. Companies like Khatabook, NIRA, Setu, Reco, and more have raised funds and are hiring more and more small and medium businesses to prepare for the demand to come in and to digitize their books and finances And will seek loans to refine business and on. “

COVID-19 lockdown crisis led to the dismissal of several tech startup employees, experts say is yet to come

Mirrorsize, A Delhi-based AI company that provides 3D body measurement devices, has also seen a healthy growth in business. The company claims to have doubled its business and sealed customers in Australia, the US, Pakistan, Morocco and even India. The device helps provide accurate body measurements via smartphone applications, and in these times of social disturbance, many Bespoke fashion merchants have resorted to this automated option for custom tailoring.

Mirrors help solve a major problem for fashion designers: “How to customize apparel for customers if they can’t measure them?” Mirrorsize told Gadgets 360 that it is looking to bring more engineers on board to strengthen its computer vision team, as well as actively expand its sales and marketing team.

This app seeks to overcome the biggest pain point of buying clothes online.

Shiprocket, A technically competent logistics aggregator in India, recently raised Rs. 100 crore during lockdown and are gearing up to meet the demands when markets open. data shows that like startups GroCurv Along with providing technology-driven digital marketing and sales solutions, hiring is seeing an increase.

Add technique

Due to the lockdown, classes have been forced to shift and digitize online in a short period of time. Ad-tech companies have gained immense popularity due to this urgent need. Ged told Gadgets 360, “At least 15 ad-tech startups, including Vedantu, Classplus, etc., have raised funds during COVID-19, and before that BYJU and Unacademy raised $ 400 million (about Rs 3,018 crore) and $ 100. Million (about Rs.). . 754.64 crores respectively). Testbook plans to increase its team size by 25 percent over the next six months. “

Whitehat jr, An online learning platform, has seen significant leaps since the lockdown. The company is seeing more than 2000 teachers and 400 employees onboard each month to complement the growing student base. The recruits are for various roles in product, technology, operations and sales teams. Karan Bajaj, founder and chief executive officer of Whitehat Jr., told Gadgets 360, “When we were growing at 40 percent MoM growth after the first Kovid-19 lockdown, it accelerated 100 percent MoM growth. We are currently aggressively hiring in the midst of this recession, as our focus is on increasing capabilities, which may lead to more teachers, and conducting more daily classes for students to access our curriculum. “

whitehatjr chief 1 whitehat jr

Whitehat Jr. wants to onboard 400 employees every month

The company is particularly interested in recruiting teachers with a strong academic background in engineering, science and technology who are deeply passionate about cutting-edge fields such as machine learning and space technology. “In terms of overall company growth, we have achieved a $ 50 million annual revenue run rate within 15 months of going live and have also achieved positive cash flow since March 2020. US trade is growing by more than 200 percent each month and in the US. The student response to our Indian teachers is unbelievable, a great testament to our teacher community. It has given us the confidence to scale in major global markets.

Noida-based edtech startup Edumarshal is Allegedly Coronavirus rose 250 percent since lockdown. It provides online campus management tools for video-based learning for schools that are struggling to digitize. Its proprietary ERP software provides AI-powered attendance marking systems, single-click progress report generation and student analytics on an app, making it easy for students and teachers to connect seamlessly. The software has been adopted by many educational institutions to deal with the sudden need to shift online during the epidemic.

Gaming industry

The more people stay at home, the more time they spend on entertainment. The gaming industry has also seen good growth in post lockdown. Indian Export Forum, Gamerji For example, a 2.5-fold increase in numbers has been observed after lockdown. Founder Soham Thacker told Gadgets 360, “Before the lockdown, Gamerjee was operating at an average of around 55,000 new users a month. Currently, we are handling 1,40,000 new users a month. The primary reason is that with the increasing awareness of esports in India, the extra time is spent since most businesses and colleges close. Gamerji has seen a 2.5-fold increase in numbers compared to pre-lockdown. “

Gamerjee Main Gamerji

Gamerjee is currently employing 1,40,000 new users a month

How Ludo King became a COVID quarantine sensation in India

Ludo KingA popular mobile game, it saw a 47 percent increase in monthly active users between April and May. Its daily user growth has grown by 30 percent in the last one month. Currently there is a 25-fold increase in server usage capacity from eight servers to more than 200 servers prior to lockdown. “I never expected this much traffic or number-one ranking. But yes, while making the game, I assured my team members that when we release this game, it will make it to the top 10 rankings of the board game category in India, ”said Vikas Jaiswal, creator of Ludo King Game Gadgets Told 360 in an interview.

Health Tech

ekincareA health and medical tech startup in India, Online Doctor Consulting is seeing more than 200 percent growth in demand and is rapidly ramping up to meet the demand of its team, Big.Jobs data suggests. “, DocsApp is one of several health tech startups that have multi-million dollars in funding rounds during an epidemic and are aggressively hiring,” Gade says. He points out that these companies are currently thriving as they offer to reduce the immediate hit of ID COVID-19. ‘The long-term stability and growth of these companies will be based on strategies and tools that really force consumers to opt for online consulting rather than physical ones.

Streaming platform

To overcome the time and time of pandemic concern, the consumption of entertainment content has increased considerably. according to this new data From the content aggregation service JustWatch based on the usage of its platform, popular streaming services such as Netflix, Disney + hotstar, And Amazon prime video The lockdown has benefited extensively as users seek entertainment while at home.

Justwatch said that Zee5 The period between March 24 and April 24 saw an increase of 259 percent. During the same period in India, Netflix saw a 204 percent increase, while Amazon Prime Video saw a 189 percent increase. Similarly, AltBalaji (174 percent), JioCinema (161 percent), and Disney + Hotstar (149 percent) all showed major increases.

Even though Zee5 received the most boost, Netflix continued to reign supreme among all streaming services in India. According to content aggregation service, Netflix has 21 percent of total searches. Disney + Hotstar came in second with 18 percent, followed by Prime Video with 16 percent.

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