Racing games for Android is a crowded category with a lot of competition. Every gamer has a choice of what kind of sports they like, but one genre that most people like is racing. These games give you a sense of speed, you pull off stunts you’ve only ever dreamed of, and put you behind the wheel of the very exotic vehicles you used to put on your wall as posters when you kid. Were. Luckily for the race of sports fans, it is all available on your Android smartphone.

We’ve made a list of the best racing games on Android based on our experience, as well as opinions from our readers. Some of these are free while others are paid, but they all have one thing in common – the goal is to be the first one across the finish line. Read on to find out which are our favorite racing games on Android.

Best android games grid autosport racing games android

Grid Autosport is technically the most influential game on this list, but it is also the most expensive

# 5: Grid Autosport

Today the most expensive sport on our list, Grid Autosport is priced at Rs. 900 on Google Play Store. There is a good reason, although it is expensive; The game was originally developed for PCs and consoles, and is now available on Android Etiquette by Farral Interactive – a very good port – a game developer known for bringing top-tier games to mobile platforms. The Android version is almost as good as the full version, and that’s saying something.

Grid Autosport is a simulation racing game – the physics of racing tries to match the way a car is run in real life. Naturally, that makes this game a little slower than some of the other racing games on this list, but there is a need to pay attention to what makes it such a good racing game.

The visuals are over the top, the controls are fairly easy to use, and the game puts you in the wheel of various real-world cars, driving on classic and modern race tracks including Spa Francorchamps, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Yas Marina. Circuit. All this makes Grid Autosport very accurate, realistic, and visually stunning, but the game’s high price, and the fact that simulation racing is not for everyone, puts the game at number five on our list.

download Grid autosport – Rupee. 900

Best android games riptide gp renegade racing games android

There are futuristic water scooters and death defining stunts, Riptide GP: About Renegade.

# 4: Riptide GP: renegade

We mentioned that our list doesn’t only mean racing cars, right? Riptide GP: takes Renegade racing into the water. While some may consider Riptide GP2 to be better, we like the game world storylines and post-waxing choices in Renegade. You control an illegal hydro jet (essentially a very fast and manoeuvrable water scooter) and race against competitors on elaborate race tracks performing death-prone stunts. It also involves a large amount of theft, because the authorities want to stop your illegal racing.

The fictional nature of the Hydro Jet, the fact that the courses are definitely not flat, and the element of speed increase and performance in exchange for points makes it an exciting game to play on Android. The game also plays quite well on budget smartphones. It is currently priced at Rs. 69 on the Google Play Store, but the graphics and fast-paced gameplay make it worth your time and money.

download Riptide GP: Impostor – Rupee. 69

Best android game asphalt 9 legends racing games android

Asphalt 9: Legend is the latest in a long-running franchise from GameLoft

# 3: Asphalt 9 Legends

Possibly the most famous franchise in the world of Android racing games, the Asphalt series is a thing of beauty that is free to play. For the price of nothing, you get excellent graphics, exciting arcade-style gameplay, stunning courses in real-world locations and an impressive roster of vehicles from all the top foreign and sports car manufacturers. It is easy to play, works well on most Android devices, and also has an excellent multiplayer mode.

said that, Asphalt 9: Legends There is a freemium game, and paying ahead of you will progress faster through the game and gain access to better vehicles and upgrades. You can also play for free, but needing to be connected and waiting for your gas tank to refuel means you can’t always play as you want.

download Asphalt 9: Legends – free

Best android games real racing 3 racing games android

A recent update to Real Racing 3 brings officially licensed Formula 1 content to the game

# 2: Real Racing 3

Like Grid Autosport, Real Racing 3 comes from a major game developer and focuses on simulation-style racing. Recent updates to the game have added new cars and tracks, as well as officially licensed Formula 1 content. Real Racing 3 is free to download and play but is a freemium model that includes in-app purchases. However, if you are willing to wait for your car to be ‘serviced’ between every few races, then this game is fully playable without spending any money.

You start slowly, but eventually you will get access to good cars with better performance, and more challenging races. A key element of the game is the fact that races are not necessarily lap and circuit-based; There are lots of other formats including time trials, drag races, sprints, and more. Visually, this is a beautiful game, and the simulation-style physics of racing is almost as good as what we experienced on Grid Autosport. The fact that the game is free makes it so high on our list, making it one of our favorite racing games on Android.

download Real racing 3 – free

Best android games motorsport manager mobile 3 racing games android

In Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 you have taken over the reins of the professional motorsport team

# 1: Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

Our top pick among racing games on Android may be a bit unexpected for a lot of people, because you are not even in this one wheel. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 puts you in charge of a professional motorsport team – be it visiting cars, stock cars or open-wheelers. You manage everything from finances and sponsors to engineering car and driver morale in this simulation game. On race day, you let your drivers do the driving while you manage the pit-stop strategy and adapt to the race conditions.

For anyone who follows motorsport, the game is a unique and fun management simulator that does the genre justice. It is worth pointing out here that Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is a paid sport, and is priced at Rs. 550 now on the Google Play Store. The gameplay and visuals are detailed and rich, and this is a game that is sure to keep you hooked for a while to maximize your team’s performance and earnings.

download Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 – Rupee. 550

honorable mention

Before writing this, we invited suggestions from our readers on social media about what their favorite racing games are. Some of the more popular options such as Asphalt 9: Legends made our list, while others preferred other games in the Asphalt franchise Asphalt 8 or Asphalt Xtreme. Apart from this, here is a need for speed franchise. Most wanted Our top choice for Android is from the Classic Racing franchise.

As a freemium game earlier this month is after other famous racing game series in Android space Forza street. However, we are not huge fans of the game, which does not quite match the others on our list when it comes to the quality of entertainment and gameplay. Finally, if you are a fan of the classic arcade racing game, Horizon Chase – World Tour Simple, old-fashioned racing is fun.

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