how to find an ideal smartphone

In this article, we are going to discuss how to find your ideal smartphone. It is no secret that the market for mobile phones in India is thriving as never before. At last count, there are well over 50 brands actively wooing consumers, with much more working in niches that are hardly noticed in mainstream media.

So just how does a consumer find the best mobile phone for this requirement?

 It’s a good idea to start online, and collect feedback and read reviews of the brands you have in mind. While a very basic requirement, it is a good idea to check the website of each brand too. Often, you will find that the websites are outdated, have old content, or have even got incorrect contact details.

These brands are certainly to be avoided in your search for the best mobile phone for your requirement

Checking the brand’s social media handle is another good idea, as an active and responsive handle will indicate a firm that is focused and in business. Big brands like LeEco, and Gionee to an extent, have signalled problems at the firm by a declining activity level at their social media handles.

Look for operator tie-ups, even if they beat the level of data gits to their buyers.Operators usually do their own due diligence, and while not guaranteeing that they will identify the best mobile phone for you, they can at least assure you of some serious backing and team behind your prospective phone.

The best mobile phone brands will usually back up their promises with a strong buyback, warranty, or even an extended warranty. Look out for these in your preferred list.

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Finally, the best mobile phone brands definitely don’t usually have an online-only selling strategy. Even brands who started online only, like One Plus and Motorola, are today available offline too, as they expanded their ambitions. Similarly, offline sales require a  certain amount of commitment to the trade and visibility, which ensures that the best mobile phone brands are far more likely than otherwise to be available offline too, or have a strong offline channel.

Particularly important to avoid are brands claiming to have flash sales online that meet very good response. The fact of the matter is that the numbers offered in these sales are very low, so the sellout is just a figure of speech, effectively. The best mobile phone brands will never be caught making tall promises and then running out of stock in no time. Remember Ringing Bells and their promise of the amazing phone for Rs 599. That was proved to be an almost complete hoax eventually.

Brands like Comio, which have made a strong pitch to claim the crown for a best mobile phone in their category, can usually be seen to have met most, if not all of the requirements above. So pick carefully, or you could be stuck with a really bad deal. A strong mobile phone brand is also far more likely to have an assembly or manufacturing facility in the country, to be close to its market.  The best mobile phone players in India are already doing that, or in the process of doing it. A commitment to make in India not only assures a steady supply of stock and spares, it usually signals a long-term commitment to the country by default.