Batmart may be part of Batman’s next game: Arkham Origin developer WB Games Montreal if the internet is to be trusted. On Monday, WB Games Montreal began teasing their next title under the Twitter handle @ r3dakt3d. Its bio only refers to the upcoming mega virtual event DC FanDome and redirects users to the website According to evidence gathered by Reddit users, Detective Comics # 359 has Batgirl’s first comicbook appearance on the website. Like this.

Although’s content is largely hidden behind a series of four codes that unlock one after another on different days, Reddit users Chase-5 Those who wrote that they are in web development have already detected all four codes: 761, 941, 364, and 995. EAN (European Article Number) – a unique 13-digit number for retail products – is 0761941364995 for Detective Com # 359. Reddit user Spider Fan77 It was found on eBay listings and Gadgets 360 independently verified it with the EAN Look-up website.

Much evidence comes from the fact that the first two codes, which can be entered, Are properly certified. WB Games Montreal itself confirmed two codes in the tweet @ r3dakt3d Too. Although the other two codes cannot yet be entered – the third one unlocks in a few hours, while the fourth and final one is tomorrow, August 21 – it seems Reddit Users are here That said, even if all the codes match, it doesn’t mean that eagle-eyed fans are on the right track here.

This fits to some extent, although the first finds out. WB Games Monterrell has been teasing for over a year that it is working on another DC game, one that includes Gotham City’s villainous secret society The Court of Owls. The new search on states that bat girl Might as well be a part of the game. It is not clear at this time if Batman Is leading the game, or whether Batgirl will have a lead role in the upcoming title.

This will not be the first time WB Games Montreal has worked with Batgirl. It was also part of the aid to the poor Batman: Arkham Knight Story DLC “Batgirl: A Matter of Family”. Batgirl is also a playful character injustice gods among us And many Lego sport. But Batgirl never took the title to its name, as it does in games, TV, or film. For what it’s worth, a Batgirl film remains in development birds of prey Author Christina Hodgson

WB Games Montreal to lift lid on its next yet untitled game DC Fandom Saturday, August 22 at 10:55 pm IST.