create a blog

Nowaday, internet has become a vast area for gaining and sharing knowledge. Why not create a blog and start blogging to share knowledge and also get some money ?

What is Blog or Blogging ?

We can say, a blog is type of website typcally used to share article or image or video in a information model through which the whole world can see what you share.

So, now the point comes,

How to create a blog ?

  • Well, creating a blog is very easy. For first, Head over to and login with your google account.  For those who don’t know what is blogger, well blogger is a web blog publishing platform offered by Google through which you can create blogs free of cost.
  • As soon as you login to blogger, at the top right corner you will see an option called CREATE BLOG. Click on that button.

Now you will see 3 options,

Blog title : This is the title of your blog.

Blog Address : This is a web address or we can say URL by which your blog is accessed. By default, Google gives you free sub domain of and it will automatically be added right after your web address.

Blog Theme/Template : This is the layout or we can say the look of your blog. But don’t worry you can change it later. So you can select anyone you want for now.

  • After creating the blog, you can click on NEW POST button and start writing your first post. After you finishing writing your first post, you can click on SAVE TO DRAFT to save it as draft which you can edit later or you can hit PUBLISH button to post the article on your blog which will be live to the audience.

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This was the basic of creating the blog. We will soon share more on this later on. Keep visiting DroidBuz.