Online games and short video apps are among the few beneficiaries of China’s virus outbreak, raking in millions of views and downloads as people trapped in self-quarantine at home look for ways to entertain and spend their time.

The change has attracted more companies to trade in showrooms, such as carmakers Tesla and Mercedes-Benz, to promote products online during the week.

The Chinese travel and gather with family and friends during the traditional Lunar New Year holiday, but many people postpone or cancel their plans in mid-January over concerns that a new virus has spread, Killed 420. “I only use my mobile phone three hours a day at work, but at least eight hours every day during the Spring Festival because it’s so boring,” Lu Zhang, a junior high school teacher in eastern Shandong province , Said of the applicable holiday. With shares of Chinese game publishers, investors have seized the trend TencentHong Kong rose 2 percent on Tuesday, with a 1 percent rise in the benchmark, while NetEase rose nearly 3 percent in New York. US listed shares rose nearly 7 percent in Chinese video platform Bilibili, while shares of search engine Baidu and e-commerce giant Alibaba also gained momentum. Five mobile game developers, including Ourpalm, allowed a maximum of 10 percent on Tuesday. Weekly Downloads jumped 77 percent on ByteDance’s Zigua video app from January 20 to January 26, after it announced plans to release a film premiere of “Lost in Russia” for free, from data from performance tracker app Annie got to know. “My screen time tomorrow. More than 10 hours,” a Shanghai resident, identified only as Wang, said in a social media post, “What do you all suggest other than looking at my cellphone Work? ”There are also popular health and fitness apps, such as Keep, which liverstream fitness classes.

Its revenue grew 15 percent during the week, while healthcare app Pingan Good Doctor jumped 1,186 percent in downloads.

“We believe that China’s Internet and logistics companies have been sheltered to some extent,” Bernstein Research analysts wrote in a note on Monday.

Tencent’s blockbuster mobile game, Honor of the Kings, paid 2 billion yuan ($ 286 million) on January 24, the eve of the holiday, estimated Pei Pei, an analyst with Sinolink Securities Co, all Chinese during Apple’s App Store Has surpassed mobile games. Full week long break in 2018. Tencent declined to comment. Plague, the strategy simulation app that jumped to the top of the charts in Apple’s App Store, retained its popularity. The game, which allows users to create and develop a pathogen to destroy the world, generated 16,000 to 78,000 downloads in December, according to Sensor Tower. “Many students play games during the Spring Festival,” the junior high teacher said. , Lu, saying that she used to spend more than five hours every day playing poker, among other games

“Sometimes when they see me online they invite me to join it.” American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, which began delivery in December of cars manufactured at its $ 2 billion Shanghai plant, carried daily live-streamed sales events on the video app Doyin to highlight the features. Of his vehicles.

Several Mercedes Benz sales dealers also took the WeChat app with a link to the 360-degree interior view of their GLB compact SUV, simulating the passenger experience and offering leather stitching details of the seats and closure of the dashboard.

“Not leaving home, so use virtual reality to see cars!” One of the delegates inspired the audience.

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