Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 will be released on October 14 and the developers have shared an update on what to expect from the new season. The official Reddit details subsequent content for the game later in October or early November. Season 11 marks a one-year anniversary for the game and is therefore a major update for the team as well as the players. Additionally, the latest update to the game brings a new game mode called ‘for cranked mode’, new weapons, a new map called map king ‘, and more.

Call of duty: mobile update

According to reddit Post From Call of duty: mobile The anniversary of the team, season 11, will release on Tuesday 14 October at 5 pm PT (5:30 pm IST). The new Battle Pass will be available from October 15 and it will bring new epic blueprints, including new epic soldiers, QQ 9 – Neon Grunge, KRM-262 – Point and Click, DL Q33 – Neon Burst, AK 117: Neon Lotus, and Fennec – Verdant. A new Legendary calling card called Tack Insurrection and new Call of Duty: Mobile themed items will also be added.

The Free Battle Pass awards include a new SMG called Fennec and a new Scorstrek called Advanced UAV. There will be special anniversary and Halloween events with new challenges and missions. A new gun – the NA-45 – will be added, as well as a new park called tactician that allows spawning with an additional piece of tactical equipment.

A new weapon called the Purifier will be added to the Battle Royal mode. It is a high-pressure flamethrow that causes burning damage over time. A sleuth mode will be added, which reveals the enemy’s location when they are damaged. A new kind of ammo for special weapons such as Ballistic Expert, War Machine, Tempest, Annihilator, and Purifier will be added to the game with the Season 11 update.

The Akimbo perk for the fennec gun will allow players to make dual weapons, but will disable ADS (aiming down locations). The AK47 gets a 5.45 caliber ammo attachment which increases the fire rate. The HVK30 has a large caliber ammo attachment that increases damage to head and upper chest shots.

In addition, more and more maps will capture 10v10 TDM, 10v10 DOM, Kill Confirm, and flag game modes.

Some other changes that come with Season 11’s Call of Duty update: Mobile includes the ability to equip Legendary and Epic Cameos in loadouts, automatic barrier avoidance for wheeled land vehicles, default armor plate loot range settings, and а lot.

The latest update which is already live brings a new multiplayer game mode called ‘Cranked Mode’ which will be available in Crash, Standoff, Crossfire, Cage, Rust and Shipment Maps. In this mode, a timer is introduced which causes an explosion when it reaches zero. To delay the timer is to hit and kill each time.

‘King’ is the new gunfight map that provides the battle to stay close to death. It is available in gunfight and dual modes.

Multiplayer, Battle Royal Mode, Multiplayer and Battle Royal rank and the upcoming system updates in season 11 also have many customizations and improvements.

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