Bonk Be Live

In the year of 2018, the next online trend is streaming, which has made Netflix where it is standing right now and proudly declaring that 2018 is going to be their year.

While Amazon prime is preparing to double their sales outside of the USA, which is an example that 2018 trend will be streaming.

With that being said did you know more than sixteen smartphone and web browser based streaming services started from scratch to make it on the TV happened.

Bonk Be Live Next Generation Streaming Application

Bonk Be Live

The smartphone applications have increased, but only 10% of them have a unique feature. Among the 10% of the unique apps, Bonk Be Live is one of them.

First, you have to download the iOS app or Android app on your mobile/tab/iPad.

Bonk Be Live said to be a billion-dollar business in coming years because of the technology & features implemented in the app.

Why is Bonk Be Live on that list? We are going to explain in a short review.

*1 Unique Live Functions

NonkLive has added a user-friendly interface with unique functions.

For that you have you go live, how?

1 – Hit the big green button in the bottom.

Bonk Be Live

2 – Now you have this on your screen.

Bonk Be Live

3 – Enter an attractive title to get more viewers.

Bonk Be Live

4 – Select what this stream is all about in the category.

Bonk Be Live

5 – Select your country.

Bonk Be Live

6 – Just Go Live.

Bonk Be Live

The Bonk Be Live allows you to select your country so you can attract your country people, your country people will find you faster.

As a viewer, you can do several things, which we hem one-by-one.

1 – You can like the LIVE stream, nothing special, right? I agree. But, whenever you leave a like, the viewers & streamer can see you on the top of the screen. It will help the viewers and streamers recognise their loyal viewers.

2 – You can share it on your social media – Your friends can join it in few clicks.

3 –You can also comment on the LIVE video, which everyone who is watching can see it. You will not only send your appreciation but also get the attention of the community.

4 – Did you know that regular users get rewards points, which you can use later on. These rewards increases as the number of days you are opening the app. The first reward will be +20 points, which will keep on increasing with time.

5–You can send virtual gifs, and each gift has a price tag. You can get the attention of your favourite entertainer via gifting them virtual gifts.

Bonk Be Live

We have mentioned about the reward points, you can use them, which saves you money at the same time.

6 – In case, if you like the streamer, then you can visit the profile page and sent a direct message to their inbox.

Bonk Be Live

You can do that by visiting the profile of the person.

7 – There is one more interesting feature, which makes the Bonk Be Live special is that it allows you to watch a missed LIVE Video by visiting the profile page, and there you can find the stream.

Just by few clicks, you can watch the whole LIVE video from beginning to the end. It does not matter if the size and duration of video more than 10 hours because the Bonk Be Live will save it until the next stream are completed.

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*2 User-friendly User Interface

Thousands of new smartphones users don’t have in-depth knowledge and are not familiar with the user interface of modern applications.

Bonk Be Live has a user-friendly modern interface which does not play with the minds of a newbie.

1 – The simple and straight login page. You can sign up or sign in via social media accounts like the Facebook, Google+ (Friendly for Android users), and Twitter for iOS users. In case, if you want to use the traditional way, then email service is up.

Bonk Be Live

2 –They have only four main tabs on the top, they are Follow, New, Live, and Nearby. The four tabs will make your life easy.

Bonk Be Live

3 – On the bottom, you’ve got five options Home, Search bar, Live Button, Inbox, and Profile.

Bonk Be Live

So, you don’t need to worry about the interface because nothing is challenging about it.

Conclusion: By now you would have realized that Bonk Be Live is an emerging app that will lead the streaming category in coming days. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.