Best Wireless Headphones under 2500

Best Wireless Headphones under 2500

There is a famous proverb – People’s attitude changes according to the technical advancements in the world. How true! Five decades ago, nobody would have thought of having a headphone. In this article you gain information about the best wireless headphones under 2500 and you can also buy headphones at lowest price.

But in recent times, earphones and headphones have become the norm. The main reason behind popularity of mobiles and every new version of a mobile brand comes with earphones of good quality. But headphones have become popular with the young generation. To them, it looks cool to have a headset around the years, a bandanna around the head and a bike. You can get headphones of various types ranging from few hundred rupees to few thousands. But one fact remains; an ear is an important feature of the face.

In this article, we are going to discuss about Best Wireless Headphones under 2500. So any low quality headphone will definitely damage your ears for good and a lifetime. It is natural, that you should have very good headsets.

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Because every millennial flaunts a new phone, headphones have grown to big businesses. So, you get a version of various styles, brands, colors and even celebrity endorsement to match your budget. If you are searching for the similar title, you have landed at the right place.

1. TAGG Inferno

Rated as one of the best headphone to give value for your money. The model is apt for every scenario as it has ear hooks to keep the set in place. You can also participate in running activities with the headphone on. The advantage, you can put the wire behind the neck so that it will not cause a disturbance. If you have fully charged them, they can give you non-stop music for eight hours. One more benefit, they are designed to be sweat proof. So do not worry about the headphone when you exercise. Other features are call control, isolation of noise, compatibility with iPhone 6S Plus and other 6 versions, Samsung Galaxy, Android tablets, smart phones and other Bluetooth devices.

2. CrossBeats Raga

The design has been done so that it suits all types of ear sizes. It gives the ears a perfect fit. Whether you jog or do the hard gym, there are rubber finishes to keep the phones at the same place. The battery can last for eight hours and for a full charge, you need only two hours. The design of noise cancellation can come in handy, when you want to concentrate on work and routine. Additional benefit is to change the volume, to end or make calls, you do not need the phone. At present on April 17, 2018, the company has offered one year warranty and support for a lifetime. The wireless headphone under Rs 2500 can easily connected with all types of Bluetooth devices such as Apple, iPhones, Android and iPads.

3. Future X

The advantage of this phone is the neckband which adds to the overall experience. The total control rests on the neck bands and you can easily access them. The ear hooks are designed to be the perfect fit for any ear. And they are sweat proof. Having a Bluetooth range of thirty feet, you can play music for eight hours. Will you believe that the device weighs forty grams ONLY? You can hear crystal clear music and clarity of voice on calls. So you have the no voice opinion option. You also get 2.5 hours of standby time. You also get a six month manufacturer warranty for the product.

4. JBL T110BT

It is seven decades, since JBL enter the industry of sound. And in recent times, the headphones give the same quality as the old versions. The magnetic cable ensure that the headphones remains secure in your neck and does not get tangled. It has a micro-USB charge battery (in-built). You can, without a break, play music continuously for six hours. For recharge, the time is two hours. You are also awarded with a three button remote along with microphone. The device is compatible with majority of the mobile appliances such as laptop, tablet, audio player and mobiles. There is also cancellation of noise feature, as well a one year India warranty. The head shot – you are also provided with ten days replacement policy. The device comes in six colors

5. Leaf Ear

If you have tried many wireless headbands and want a smooth ear tip, then go for the leaf ear version. You can get the best experience of hearing music without a disturbance. It is compatible with all kinds of devices such as laptop, iOS and Android. Once charged, you can listen to non-stop music continuously for eight hours. You get five hours of standby time, eight hours of talk time as well music play time. The nano coating solves the sweating problem. One year warranty awarded by manufacturer for all defects. To suit your ears, check the model as the brand has three different sizes of ear buds.

6. TaoTronics BH07

To ensure that they give a free experience, the device has magnets embedded in the earbuds so that they do not fall down. Along with the pair, you may get another extra pair with a different size. Do you prefer a certain color? Select the best color from among the many. You can do any type of physical activity while hearing music. Want to start work? Join the two ends together. It will give the similar appearance of a necklace. And similar to the other headphones, you also get a usual manual. The battery lets you have five hours of continuous music, and the AptX codec technology provides you pure CD high quality sound.


Similar to other devices, the model also allows wireless connection to laptops, mobile phones or Bluetooth music player. You can do multiple tasks such as attending calls, listening to music and chatting on Skype. You do not have to reach for the music player as control is in your fingertips. Skip, pause or play the music. The model is sleek and has a stylish design also provide good voice clarity.


There was a time when your ancestors had plenty of time to spend in the evening after working in the fields. From morning till dusk, they used to work, but had ample time in their hands. In this era of fast paced life, you seldom get time for yourself. You have a ten hour job. You satisfy the requirement at the office and when you get home, the family will have expectations. Very little time is left for yourself. There are lots who buy cars, because they can listen to their favorite music at least on travel. And if you are one, valuable information has been given in this article about the Best Wireless Headphones under 2500.

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