best web hosting for bloggers

Best Web Hosting for Bloggers

Hello readers!! Hope you all are doing well. In this article, we are going to discuss the Best web hosting for bloggers. Blogging as a profession is quite popular right now. There are a lot of people doing this partly because of passion and partly because the money is good. Bloggers are essentially people who write about something online on websites. It can be their opinions about something, tutorials, how-to articles, informative articles etc. There are bloggers who get millions of visitors and make a lot of money.

A blog is essentially a website and like all websites, it also needs to be hosted on the internet using services called web hosts. There are several kinds and types of web hosts and hundreds of different companies offering web hosting. These companies provide web servers and the associated software to host web files on the internet, once you connect a domain to the server your blog is already. So often a guy who is new to blogging gets confused as to which web host to choose for blogging. There are Virtual Private servers, shared servers, dedicated word press hosting etc.

In this article we have a list of the Best web hosting for bloggers:

  • Blue Geek Hosting

This is my personal favourite and I am using this to host all of my current blogs. Blue Geek Hosting is actually a virtual private server provider and provides a server with an OS installed. In order to install WordPress in it, you will need an additional configuration. You can do it yourself or take the use of third party services. For WordPress Blue Geek Hosting also has a one-click installer which makes things easier.

The hosting plans are cheap and the most basic plan starts at 5 USD per month, which is more than enough to start with a simple blog.

The servers are fast and highly secure. It can take on decent traffic even at the lowest droplet. If you optimize the server, it can hold even more visitors per second.

  • Cloudways

Cloudways is the second in our list of the best web hosting for bloggers. Cloudways is not actually a hosting company, per se, but more like a hosting service provider. They don’t actually have servers and instead offers users optimized servers from other hosting companies such as Digital Ocean, Amazon web services, Google Cloud, etc.

What they have is a server management tool that lets users take control of unmanaged Virtual private servers of other brands and provide easy one-click ways to do all the necessary stuff. Manually managing a VPS takes coding skills, experience and time. These are the things that most bloggers do not have. This is where server management tools come into play. They simplifies all the tasks such as installing word-press, setting up a LAMP server, installing SSL certificates from many line codes to a single click of a button. They take a small fee for this and everybody is happy.

Cloudways is one such service. You can directly purchase servers of many services with having only a cloudways account and install WordPress on them very easily.     You can start using their services today without even having a credit card and pay after a month’s usage.

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  • BlueHost

Bluehost is one of the oldest names in the hosting industry and has a very good name. It started way back in 1996 when the internet was still an infant. It offers a wide variety of hosting packages and all of them are good at serving their own purposes.

For bloggers, they offer dedicated WordPress hosting which is recommended by Word-press itself. A dedicated WordPress hosting is one in which WordPress comes pre-installed and optimized. You cannot install anything else on that hosting. But is always the best choice for a blogger since it comes optimized for blogging. The basic dedicated WordPress plan which is the starter lite comes at as low as 2.99 USD per month.

  • Hostgator

Yet another old name in the industry, HostGator has been around for many years and continues to have a solid user base. Their hatching plan that now starts at $2.64/mo has had the honour of being the first hosting of many bloggers and blogs out there. They have a 45-day money-back guarantee and provide 24/7 service support.


Conclusion: Best web hosting for bloggers

This article focused on different web hosting for bloggers so that newcomers to bloggers do not get confused by the hundreds of different names in the market. This article was written by research and years of experience in the field. Go ahead and choose a web host from this list and start your career on blogging.

I personally recommend my all users, If you want to start your own blog then Blue Geek Hosting is a perfect solution for you. You can buy your first plan from here.