best launcher for android 2018

Hello Reader’s, In this article we are going to discuss about best launcher for android 2018. Basically, these are the custom launchers used in every smartphones. They’re among the crown jewels of Android, tools that cover one of the most basic, yet important, rights of every Android user – the ability to decorate and tinker with their phone however they see fit.

These plays vital role whenever the smartphone is old and we need new android, in that case we sometimes use this launcher to fulfill our needs. These best launcher for android 2018 are very famous and very useful for us.

The best launcher for android 2018 are :-

  1. Flick Launcher:

best launcher for android 2018

Flick Launcher is the new kid on the block (the app is still not officially

released, but it’s publicly available) and it strives to bring a lot of

Android Oreo/Nougat features to older versions of the OS, much like the

other popular launchers, but Flick Launcher also boasts its own set of

unique features, such as app locking with fingerprints, custom long-press

home button actions, custom keywords for initiating voice search, and many



  1. Google Now Launcher:

best launcher for android 2018

It is one of the best launchers but the hang of phone is there some time.

This is one of the best rated launcher on play store.


  1. Nova Launcher:

best launcher for android 2018

It’s one of the best of its kind. It is constantly being updated, there’s

an active community behind it, it has copious amounts of customization

options, and the developers are adding the newest features from stock

Android soon after they get unveiled.

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  1. Action Launcher:

best launcher for android 2018

Pretty much everything good you can say about Nova Launcher, you can say

about Action Launcher as well (and vice versa). It’s one of the biggest

Android home screen out there, and for good reasons.

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  1. Apex Launcher:

best launcher for android 2018

Apex Launcher was once neck and neck with Nova and Action, but has played

second fiddle to them for some time. We don’t know what happened exactly,

and when, but Apex has been on the back burner for a while.


  1. Eve launcher:

best launcher for android 2018

Evie Launcher is a free, search-oriented Android home screen replacement

That’s really easy to get into and intuitive to use. At first glance, Evie

looks like all other Android launchers, but it has a different approach

than most, in that it places an iOS style global search function at the

very forefront of the experience.


  1. ASAP Launcher:

best launcher for android 2018

ASAP Launcher, as the name implies, is all about getting stuff done quick.

The home screen UI is based around cards, each of which takes an entire

page of your home screen and can be customized to display things like

calendar events, contacts, to-do lists, and others.


  1. Fast key launcher:

Fast key is simple. It’s painfully simple. What it does is basically it

slaps a keyboard on your home screen. That’s right, an ever-persistent

keyboard that lets you fire up apps or call contacts with one or two taps.


  1. ADW Launcher:

best launcher for android 2018

ADW Launcher used to be big back in the day, but then the developers

dropped support, so now we have ADW Launcher 2.


  1. Microsoft launchers:

best launcher for android 2018

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher has had its fare share of problems over the past

Two years, and although I’ve tried to get into it a number of times, it

simply could not hold my attention for too long. It is similar to the

Google Now feed but it’s not bound to just one page to the left of your

main home screen, and you can shuffle things around a lot.