Epic Games on Tuesday dismissed two of Apple’s torture claims over the iPhone maker’s access to its popular video game Fortnite on the App Store.

Fight between Apple And Epic Focuses on a portion of the purchase in Fortnite. Epic launches a payment system that bypasses Apple app Store, Like this Iphone The manufacturer did not receive the deduction. Apple then barred new users from downloading Fortnite on its platform, but existing copies of Fortnite can still use Epic’s system.

Epic Sued The app claims to have removed the Fortnite app from the App Store on August 13, a “retaliation” for the decision by the game maker to offer in-app purchases through its own marketplace. Was epic Denied A court order in late August that barred Apple from temporarily destroying Fortnite.

Apple escalated controversy, filed one Counter suit In September to prevent the game maker from using its payment system for Fortnite. Apple also accused Epic of theft and sought additional monetary damages beyond breach of contract. But a judge did not buy the argument at a hearing on Tuesday.

US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers told the lawyers, “This is a high-level breach of contract case and a disbelief case and it’s all in my opinion.”

Ana Casey, referring to Epic’s conduct, said, “You can’t just say that this is independently wrong.” “You really must have facts.”

The judge rejected both claims. The rest of the breech-of-contract case proceeds.

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