Ireland’s data protection commissioner (DPC), Apple’s main regulator in the European Union, said on Thursday that the company was in contact after a whistleblower took action on a program that listens to users’ recordings.

The regulator formerly worked after Thomas Le Bonnyneck Apple Contractor, written to European Data security Regulators on 20 May to investigate into these practices.

Irish DPC Deputy Commissioner Graham Doyle said in an email to Reuters, “The issue was first raised by the DPC last summer and Apple has made some changes.”

In reference to the letter, he said, “However, we have again contacted Apple after the release of this public statement and awaiting responses.” “In addition, it should be noted that the European Data Protection Board is working on the production of guidance in the field Voice assistant Technologies. “

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

Apple Said last year This will leave its default practice of maintaining audio recordings of requests made by users sir I Limits of personal assistants and human reviews what audio it gathers its employees rather than contractors.

Le Boninec’s letter, seen by Reuters, published on Thursday, made reference to the EU’s data protection laws: “The law is not great to pass: it needs to be applied to privacy offenders.”

Le Boninec worked as a subcontractor for Apple in its Irish offices, he said in the letter.

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