Apple is expected to make headlines on its smartwatch, iPad and subscription services on Tuesday as it attempts to reestablish development with a vacation lineup.

An eagerly anticipated 5G According to the news agency AFP, according to analysts, the fate of the company iPhone will likely be followed by a separate incident due to production disruptions due to the epidemic.

Apple The rising shares have fallen more than seven percent this week.

Silicon Valley is located Iphone The market value was $ 1.92 trillion based on the maker’s share price on Friday earlier this month, down from a record high of $ 2.3 trillion at the beginning of the month.

But Apple remains the most expensive company on Wall Street. Adventuress Microsoft comes in second place with a market value of $ 1.56 trillion and Microsoft is in third place with a value of $ 1.54 trillion.

Apple event Was teased with a cryptic invitation “Time flies.” The company has nothing about what it has.

this is Expected performance of products or services In addition to iPhones being launched for the year-end shopping season.

This opens the capability for updates Apple WatchAccording to analysts, iPad, MacBook computers, services and even Apple TV set-top boxes.

A new Ipad Analysts said the model could include augmented reality capabilities, and offer Apple services such as music, news and television in an attractively priced subscription bundle.

The latest software powering to the Apple Watch already suggests sleep tracking is coming, and the company may increase features for fitness or health use.

“There is competition in the smartwatch space, but Apple is a sales leader by a large margin and there is room for Apple,” said Evie Gregart, the Teachsponential lead analyst.

“Apple has admitted that they are working on monitoring blood sugar at least with the clock; it would be huge if they could turn it off.”

The Apple Watch also serves as an anchor for the tech giant’s mobile software, as it coincides with the iPhone.

“The key part for Apple is to base iPhone users and sell them a ton of stuff AirPods Get more services, ”said Moore Insights and Strategy analyst Patrick Moorehead.

Cherished china market
The time is ripe for Apple to step into the market with iPhones suited to the world-wide super-fast 5G telecom network.

Greengart is among those hosting a separate event in October, possibly for the new iPhone model, including one for the 5G telecom network.

The 5G network is touted as an exponential leap in the volume and speed of wireless data, allowing self-driving vehicles, virtual reality, connected health, and advance sensors and servers to communicate instantly.

“Apple requires 5G right now,” Greengart said.

“Not for the US, but for China where 5G is making purchasing decisions.”

Apple rivals have already introduced 5G models, and China is ahead of the US when it comes to the new generation network.

“5G is happening in China with or without Apple, in fact 5G phones are selling more than non-5G phones in China,” analyst Moorehead said.

“US carriers are waiting for Apple to announce a 5G iPhone to pedal metal in the US.”

According to analysts, US telecom companies are seeing the 5G iPhone as a catalyst for consumer interest, which would justify the large investment required for those networks.

The new generation 5G network has also taken shape in South Korea and parts of Europe.

Analysts said that Apple needed an iPhone for 5G to maintain its premium brand image.

“Because of all the supply chain rumors saying that the iPhone is running a little late, they would like to announce it closer to the launch date,” said Bob O’Donnell, chief analyst at Technology Research.

In a report to investors, Baird’s senior research analyst William Power said that Apple’s “ecosystem” looks strong due to its wearables, services and a potential 5G iPhone.

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