Looking for a new late night talk show? Gary Whitta – the best story co-written for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – launched just inside a video game. Over the weekend, Whita played Animal Talking of Animal Talking with Gary Whita, his own late-night talk show inside the Nintendo Switch Life simulation game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The new episode will premiere on Thursday morning at 7:30 IST (Wednesday at 7 pm PT in the US) on Amazon-owned live streaming app Bitch. Each episode will then be edited and uploaded to YouTube, in addition to a highlight reel that cannot miss the time.

In the first episode of Animal Talking with Gary Whita – made available on YouTube on Monday – Whitta admitted that she was airing late-night TV shows, The Late Show, The Larry Sanders Show – and other TV channels like Bindas Fernand is. This is evident from the virtual set, which includes a host desk, a couch for guests, a city scap wallpaper, a drum kit on one side and a standalone mic on the other end, several fake plants (thanks to Larry Sanders), spot lights Huh. , And television cameras. Video editor Adam Nickerson stands on drums for Animal Talking with Gary Whita.

Like other late-night shows, Whita stated that Animal Talking with Gary Whita would feature celebrity guests, jokes, occasional comedy and music. The first episode featured actor and former gaming news host Naomi Kyle, whose Animal Crossing: New Horizons The character is politely seated on the couch, as Vita and Kyle are engaged in a conversation on Twitch live-stream. Whitta also interviewed Nickerson, who covered an hour-long run of the premiere on drums, while the credits rolled on screen. You know, just like an actual late night show.

Whita is likely to start a late-night show inside a video game, during a time – thanks to the ongoing coronovirus epidemic – when all actual late-night shows have been forced to host from their homes. Which includes everyone from Jimmy Fallon to Stephen Colbert. The late-night variety show Saturday Night Live has been forced to broadcast live, with almost all of its artists putting together sketches remotely.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is, in more ways than one, perfect for Whita’s new talk-show. What is clear is that this allows for the level of customization that Whita is required to create virtual sets. In addition, the new Animal Crossing game launched on March 20 – partly attributed to the success of worldwide lockdown orders to housemates looking for some kind of escapism. New Horizons reportedly sold more than 5 million digital copies in its first month after launch.