Android Apps for Music

Can Official Android Apps for Music Companies Kill Piracy Websites?
Listening to music has taken an altogether different form today. Where people preferred downloading the songs earlier, they are very quickly moving towards listening to online music streaming. And for that, many companies are coming out with free and paid live music streaming applications.

Music streaming is when you do not have to worry about downloading the song into your memory. If you have a working internet connection, you can listen to the song on the go. You can also create your own playlist from songs based on various moods, genre, or singers. Some apps even allow you to download the songs for free. Apart from apps, there are now plenty of websites which let you listen to songs for free as well. In this article, we are going to discuss about Top 5 Android Apps for Music which helps in killing piracy websites.

One can download and install Viper4android so you can adjust the music of your mobile phone that you can not do with other phones.

Android Apps for Music

Here we will look at the top 5 Android Apps for Music that are available on the phones.

Wynk Music

This is a Bharti Airtel initiative, launched in 2015. Within an year of its operation, it captured majority of the music listening market. Wynk is the most popular and widely used application for listening live music. Anybody can listen to free music here, anytime, if they have an internet connection. If you are an airtel user, you can even download the songs for free.

On Android phones, Wynk has more than 50 Million+ downloads. By far, it is the most popular streaming app for Android phones.


Saavn is another app that is most widely used. There are various kinds of curated playlists on saavn based on the artist, mood and genre. Here you will find English, Hindi, and many regional music for free. If you want to listen to music offline, and ads-free, you need to purchase the subscription of Saavn Pro.

Saavn has more than 50 Million+ downloads on the android phones. It is in a very tough competition with Wynk. Today, Reliance Jio has merged with Saavn, acquiring majority of its stake.  The problem with Saavn is that it’s a little difficult to discover or sort songs by a particular singer. If you want to listen to Guru Randhawa songs or check their rankings its better to use than saavn.

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This is another popular music streaming app. It was launched by Times internet in 2010. Gaana mostly caters to Indian audience. It has songs in 21 languages available worldwide. One plus point of this app over others is that you can make your personal playlists public. That is, anybody can see what is in your playlist. Gaana also has more than 50 Million+ downloads.

Amazon Music

This is operated by Amazon itself. It started in 2007, becoming the 1st music streaming app to offer live and free music. Using this app, you can even download the songs, but only upto 250 songs. If you want to download more, you need to purchase its subscription.

Amazon Music is more popular than Wynk or Saavn. It has more than 100 Million+ downloads. And it is one of the most reasonably priced music streaming services out there.

Google Play Music

Operated by Google, it started in 2011. Apart from providing free music streaming, Google play Music also allows you to upload your own playlist of up to 50,000 songs and listen on any device. By far, it has most number of downloads. More than 1 Billion people have installed Google play music in their phones.

Killing Piracy
Earlier, people used to download the songs for free. The songs that were available on the internet to download were pirated versions of original songs. Because, no law today allows you to sell the hard work of any artist for free. They put in a lot of effort to make a song, from which they earn by selling to the listeners. With downloads, the people still continued to listen to their songs but for free, leading to a high loss for the artist.

With Music Streaming, this has cured to a lot of extent. These android apps help a lot in killing the piracy. For each song that you hear on the application, the company has paid royalties to the artist for including that song. The companies spend a lot of money in order to provide us with the music.

But still, there are many people today who use pirated songs. One reason can be less availability of internet. In remote areas, where you get internet connection rare, people prefer downloading the songs and playing it offline. While for some, the user interface of these applications might feel difficult, due to which they move to downloads.

In any reason, with the advancement of internet technology and various companies extending their reach in remote areas as well, this piracy will soon end altogether.