An industry group reported on Thursday that Americans spent less on video games last year as new consoles were read for launch and began taking titles from the Google Cloud. The market watchdog NPD Group said that in 2019, US spending on video game hardware and software is $ 14.6 billion (about Rs 1,03,756 crore), a 13 percent decrease from the previous year.

Console rivals Sony and Microsoft plan to release new generation hardware this year, which causes gamers to wait for the latest offerings before deciding to spend their money.

Spending on video game hardware, software, accessories and game cards in December alone reduced a total of $ 3 billion (about Rs 21,319 crore), a 15 percent decrease from the same month a year earlier, NPD. Reported.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was the best-selling game in the US for three consecutive months after its October launch, according to NPD, and ended 2019 as a top-selling game.

NPD reported that this was the 11th consecutive year when Call of Duty was the best-selling video game franchise.

It also reported that the number of mobile game players in the US and Canada increased by nearly two percent to 214 million last year. The pace slowed due to the saturation of the market for smartphones and tablets.

However, money on mobile games grew by 24 percent to top $ 11.82 billion (about Rs 84,025 crore) last year.

NPD games industry analyst Matt Piscatella said, “Mobile gaming remains a dynamic and expanding marketplace offering attractive content for all types of game players.”

Google tried to change the world of video games late last year with the launch of a service called Stadia, which allows people to easily access console-quality games in the form of email.

Google continues to refine Stadia, working to expand game selection and the types of Internet-connected devices they can run.

Microsoft is testing an xCloud online game platform that it plans to make available on Windows-powered personal computers.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has a PlayStation Now service that combines cloud gaming and title downloads synced to its latest console and Windows-powered personal computer.

An Apple Arcade mobile game service provides custom game apps downloaded for devices.

Google Play Pass, a rival to Android-powered gadgets, takes the same monthly subscription price of $ 4.99 (about Rs 350) as Arcade, which focuses on games for Apple iOS devices.