Amazon launched an attack on Wednesday with team shooter Crucible alongside Fortnite and other eSports veterans, aiming to expand their territory in the sports game world.

The release By free online title Amazon Game Studio People living at home come to escape coronavirus fatal to video games for entertainment and social interaction.

Will challenge the dominance of the crucible Fortnite, Overwatch, And League of Legends, Which has won fans of fans with different abilities or weapons against each other with online match-up characters.

It is optimized to play The windows-Improved personal computer, playing to strength AdventuressOwned TwitchA popular platform for streaming games and commentary.

Steam The gaming website promised that the title would be available in California on Wednesday afternoon (2000 GMT).

It is the first major title of Amazon Game Studio, which is also working on multiplayer online games based on multiplayer Lord of the Rings.

Developers call Crucible A “team-based action shooter inspired by the choices you make,” featuring foreign advisors.

The launch has come by other tech giants to make their game move.

Google recently Launched Its streaming game service The stadium, And Apple arcade Provides title for Ios-Specific equipment.

Facebook last month Launched A stand-alone app allowing users to create and watch livestreams of games.

And Microsoft recently Offered a glimpse In the game for your new Xbox Console, coming this year, which it hopes will help combat Sony’s Chief Play Station equipment.

Microsoft has not yet announced a release date.

Sony has to release it too Playstation 5 Models later this year. Playstation 4 Peace broke Xbox one Rival Gaming Systems launched in late 2013, following the sale.

Amazon Game Studios pulled the plug two years ago on the development of Breakway, its first new title in the hot e-sport arena of playing video games as a viewer game.

In 2014, American online retail giant Amazon snapped up Twitch and its huge audience for live-streamed gaming for around $ 1 billion (about Rs 7,579 crore).

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